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Below are some tests we have available to address your needs
ADHD Tests and Procedures                                           Learning Disability Tests
- Conners' Continuous Performance Test - II                       - Wechsler Intelligence Tests
- Conners' Rating Scales                                                     - Woodcock Johnson Tests of 
- Auditory Continuous Performance Test                                    Achievement
- Brown ADD scales                                                              - Wide Range Achievement Test - 4   
- Various neuropsychological tests                                       - Test of Nonverbal Intelligence
- Personality Inventory for Children - 2                                 - Vineland Adaptive Behavior Test - II
                                                                                             - Jordan Left-Right Reversal Test
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Neuropsychological Tests                                               Personality/Psychological Tests
- Memory Assessment Scales                                              - Minnesota Multiphasic Personality 
- Repeatable Battery for the Assessment                                    Inventory - 2
           of Neuropsychological Status                                    - Personality Assessment Inventory
- Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning           - Millon Series (child, adolescent, adult)
- Dementia Rating Scales                                                     - Trauma Inventories 
- Conners' Continuous Performance Test - II                       - Personality Inventory for Children - 2
- Halstead-Reitan Battery                                                     - Jesness Inventory - Revised
- Western Aphasia Battery                                                   -  Detailed Assessment of Post-
- Cognistat                                                                                 Traumatic Stress
- Rey Auditory Learning Test                                               - Childhood Autism Rating Scale
- Rey Osterrieth Complex Figure Test                                 - Brief Battery for Health Improvement II
- Continuous Visual Memory Test                                        - Hare Psychopathy Checklist - 2
​- Multiple tests of malingering                                              - Pain Patient Profile
- Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test                                      - Substance Abuse Subtle Screening
-  Neuropsychological Assessment                                         Inventory - 3

Forensic Tests                                                                     Parenting Tests
- Competency Assessment for Standing Trial - MR               - Parenting Stress Inventory
- Evaluation of Competency to Stand Trial - Revised            - Parent-Child Relationship Inventory
- MacArthur Competence Assessment Tool - CA                  - Parent Needs Survey
- Competency To Stand Trial Assessment Instrument           - Spousal Assault Risk Assessment
- Instruments for Assessing Understanding and                    - Stress Index for Parents of 
         Appreciation of Miranda Rights                                              Adolescents
- Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth               - Child Abuse Potential Inventory
- Inventory of Offender Risk, Needs and Strength                 - Parenting Questionnaire (developed 
- Risk-Sophistication-Treatment Inventory                                   by Dr. Ebben)
- Child Sexual Behavior Inventory
- Assessing Risk for Violence - HCR-20
- Sexual Risk Violence - 20
- Trauma Symptom Checklists

*  All examinations incorporate a clinical interview, social history, 
   record review when available, observations, collateral 
   interviews when necessary and available (i.e. with  
   family members, teachers, therapists, etc.), and a mental status
   exam when necessary.