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Forensic Examinations
Services and Cost
Trial Competency, Criminal Responsibility, Competency to Waive Miranda Rights, Examinations for Juvenile Transfer to Adult Court, Mitigation/Disposition, IMEs (i.e. personal injury, disability, and Workers' Compensation cases), Guardianship, Child Custody, Risk of Re-offending (non-violent, violent, and sexual offenses), and Case Consultation.  Cost:   Criminal Forensic Exams (i.e. Competency/Responsibility) average $2500.00; Psych IME = $2500.00; Neuropsych IME = $3500.00; Custody exams =  $5000.00; Guardianship exams average $350.00; Parenting Capacity Examinations average $1250.00; Record review: $250.00 per hour.   Please note:  Insurance will not cover forensic services.
At Insight Psychological Consultants, PSC., we take great care to provide our patients and referral sources with high quality assessments that are personalized for their unique needs.  Tell us what you need, and a time-frame for completion, and we'll work hard to see that you're satisfied.  Using the most effective and researched tools available, we provide a variety of assessments including:
If you have any question concerning assessment procedures, cost, insurance reimbursement, scheduling etc., please call or email your question and we will get back to you quickly.   
General Clinical  Examinations
Neuropsychological  Examinations
ADHD, LD, General Psychological Examinations (to identify mood disorders such as Major Depression or Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Somatic Disorders, Psychosis, Pervasive Developmental Disorders such as Autism or Asperger's Disorder, Personality Disorders, and Intellectual functioning deficits. 
Cost: ADHD exams average $750.00 and LD exams average $1500.00
Examinations to identify the neurocognitive effects of brain injury or disease with populations such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Dementia (including Alzheimer's Disease), Stroke, and Substance Abusers.  Cost: Average is $2500.00.

We have neuropsychological tests to examine functioning in the following areas:
  • Memory
  • Attention/Concentration
  • Judgment and Reasoning
  • Spatial Skills
  • Intellectual Capacity (current and premorbid)
  • All Academic Skills (reading, spelling, writing, math, comprehension, etc)
  • Speech and Language (such as expressive and receptive aphasic disorders)
  • Mood and Personality Changes
  • Basic Perception and Sensation